6 Things to Remember About Easter at Winans

Winans Easter Cover
Welcome back and thank goodness spring is on it’s way. I think we are all ready for some color and warmth. At Winans, we have been preparing for this time for two┬ámonths now! Yep, that’s right. We got started on preparing the chocolate factory for Easter products as soon as we got all the Valentine’s chocolate made. It was refreshing to bring in light colors and the traditional chocolate bunny molds back into the stores. Anyway, we wanted to share a few things with you about Winans during this time of year that you may or may not know.
1. This is Winans’ fifth generation of celebrating Easter with the families of the mid-west. Whether Winans chocolate is a Easter tradition in your family or you’re just getting started with your traditions you will find all that you need in our stores.
Winans Third Generation
2. We currently have 7 variations of bunnies, available in milk chocolate/dark chocolate/white chocolate and some even in peanut butter. If you’re an Easter veteran to Winans and do not see an Easter mold we’ve had in the past that your family cherishes, feel free to ask to put in a special order because we may have the molds tucked away at the factory somewhere!
3. One of our variations of chocolate bunnies is Big Max. He is a whopping 20# and semi-solid! He was first introduced in 2013. Big Max is named after Max Winans, the founder of Winans Chocolates and Coffees. He stands up on his own and is perfect for family get-togethers or an office event. Ask about “Big Max Gives Back” in our stores for a chance to win a raffled-off Big Max!
Big Max with coffee cup
4. Another one of our hot items at Easter is our marshmallow. It is, of course, made from scratch and whipped to perfection. It is very light and fluffy, not sticky or too sweet. Word around the company is that only TWO people know the secret marshmallow recipe! Our longest-standing employee at the factory,Tulip Latte Art Miss Clara, checks every batch to make sure its at the Winans standard! We have five variations of our marshmallow; plain, carmallow, carmallow nut, rocky road, and sea salt caramel. The plain marshmallow is also offered in smaller pieces, foil-wrapped.

We have an Easter & spring drink list coming out soon that reflects the delicious chocolates we offer during this time of year! All available in hot or cold…For example, we have our White Carmallow (white chocolate, caramel, and toasted marshmallow), Chocolate Chip Mocha (Chocolate and Cookie Dough), Coconut Cream latte (Coconut and vanilla) and many more options!
6. During this time of year every employee of Winans is working really hard to make sure your holiday goes smoothly and you can get a little something for everyone. If you can’t find something, ask! We’d be happy to help. If you want a special bow or gift box made up, do not hesitate to ask us. Truly! Your traditions impact our traditions here at Winans so we want to do our best to make your Easter one to live on for years!
Bunny Molds

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