A Holiday Message for our Customers

Dear Winans Chocolates and Coffees Customers,
As I write this, it is 10 days before Christmas and I just want to say THANK YOU for supporting our business this holiday season. As I walk through the shipping area looking at the packages awaiting UPS pickup, I see SO MANY of the same family names on packages that I helped package as a child! Some of you, as you well know, are into the 2nd or 3rd generation of your family’s Winans Holiday traditions and it both makes me smile and makes me sentimental. I remember 20 years ago during our first couple years after purchasing the business from my dad, we were working out of our home next to the Carriage House with our college employees that were home for the holidays and having a great time prepping packages for next day shipping until 3am sometimes. That group of college students now have families of their own, many still in the community, and bring their families by during the holidays to relive those fun times. One of those college students has worked for us ever since and now practically runs the place!!!
Speaking of employees, we have the best. The special “above and beyond” actions they take everyday, to not only help Joe and I, but to delight our customers is our biggest source of pride because without their special attention to detail and their REAL caring about you and us and our business we would not be winning quality coffee awards nor have the best chocolates on the planet!!
We have made a big commitment to the Miami Valley, Miami County and especially Piqua this year in our purchase of the old Piqua Daily Call Building. We could not be more excited to have a larger, more functional AND visitor friendly facility to share with you and for you to share with friends and family when they visit. We will all celebrate it’s opening late next summer AND we so appreciate all your words of encouragement for this large undertaking. It is definitely a stretch for us but we know it will be a worthwhile stretch to make sure 5 more generations can enjoy the local traditions of Winans Chocolates and Coffees in the future.
Joe…….what can’t be said about Joe……. He is the enthusiastic engine behind our company and sprinkles that enthusiasm everywhere he goes whether he is walking through coffee fields in Guatemala, helping a new Honduran chocolate producer process his first batch ever of cacao beans into chocolate, encouraging runners in the first Winans to Winans 1/2 marathon, or teasing the crew at our chocolate factory. He literally does it all and this time of year does it from everyday from 5am to 8pm. He has taken risks in the business that caused my Dad sleepless nights (and honestly me too), but he has the golden touch and his vision for our future WILL happen and we will all say with excitement …..”Oh, so this is what he was talking about”.
We could not be more grateful for the local traditions my Grandfather started at his corner bakery on High Street and our ability to continue growing and expanding on those traditions. Our business is about quality, good feelings and memorable traditions and if we helped pass that along to your family this year then we served our higher Holiday purpose. Your positive word of mouth marketing has been the key to our growth so please let us know if there is ever anything we can do to help you fulfill your special Winans traditions for your family.
Cheers to 2015
Laurie Winans Reiser

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  1. Your dad was a wonderful man to work for during my high school and college days. Mom’s 23 years as a clerk and bookkeeper are cherished memories. I’m so happy to see the traditions of Winans carried forward by you and Joe. Your father and mother would be so proud! May you and your family have a blessed Chrestmas and a prosperous New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas Laurie and Joe! Thank you for all you do…your kindness and generosity, and your commitment to our communities, does not go unnoticed. Here’s to much success in 2015!


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