Happy Holidays from Winans

Holiday Season
ho Ho HO Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
This has been a big year of change for us here at Winans. We have successfully moved 5 separate Piqua buildings, that sprung up over the years to support our growth, into one facility that used to house The Piqua Daily Call at 310 Spring Street. The repurposing of this building turned out to be perfect for us. During tours Joe tells people that the building was built for us and we just let The Call use it for 50 years!! The name “Winans Hub” seems to be sticking to the new facility because it is the “Hub” of our: chocolate production, coffee roasting, gift basket designing, administrative offices, Home-Town Retail Store AND our new chocolate factory TOUR operations! Due to Joe’s vision, we are all under one roof (except the 14 other retail locations) and operating at peak efficiency. We laughed when we realized that we are back to Max’s way (Dad’s way) of operating when 55 years ago he had all operations under one roof at the Carriage House.
The most fun part of our new facility for me is meeting tour-attendees who have been Winans customers for our entire existence in Piqua. One lady shared with me that my Uncle Dick had made her wedding cake 55 years ago. Many people on tours are reminiscing about tours they took with my Dad, decades ago, at the Carriage House, when they were on a school or scout tour. Many remember the MYF Taffy Pulls!
Our employees have demonstrated the up most of good humor and flexibility during the changes and moves this year. Their friendly and customer-focused personalities are what makes our brand what it is and we are grateful to each and everyone of them!!!! A BIG special THANK YOU to the factory crew who have had to get used to being on constant display now as they work creating the chocolates – thanks to two over-sized viewing windows in the retail store that allow customers to see chocolates rolling off the enrober belt! The lucky customers may even see a few “Lucy and Ethel” moments when things are not going exactly as planned!

Candy Line

A few Winans employees recreating the famous “I Love Lucy” moment when Ethel and Lucy went to work in a chocolate factory.

Our customers are the best and provide the best advertising ever which is word-of-mouth! Thank you!!!!
AND I want to sincerely thank my husband Joe who has beautifully carried on the Winans tradition as he grows our business. Quality and process are never compromised and each and every traditional Winans product tastes exactly the way it always has because the copper kettles, quality ingredients and passionate owners and employees have remained the same (literally the same, as Miss Clara celebrates 44 years with Winans!). I know Dad would be thrilled and proud of what we have become but more importantly he would be proud of who we still are.
I hope all our employees have a wonderful Christmas filled with friends, family and a stool to put your feet up on because YOU DESERVE IT!!
Merry Christmas and Cheers to 2016!
Laurie Winans Reiser

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