How to Garden with Burlap

How to Garden with Burlap

We go through a lot of burlap bags here at Winans! Every week we roast approximately 2,000 pounds of coffee! The green coffee is delivered to our roastery in downtown Piqua in large burlap bags. These burlap bags weigh roughly 150 pounds and are full of our specialty green coffee beans.
You can buy our empty burlap bags in our stores.
Burlap is a wonderful item to use in your garden! It is inexpensive, biodegradable and has a myriad of uses:

Burlap Uses in the Garden
🌷Loosely cover plants with burlap to provide a little frost protection, or wrap evergreens that are prone to damage from the weight of heavy snow.
🌷Create a burlap barricade to stop deer and rabbits from nibbling on your fruit trees and bushes in the winter.
🌷Hang a length of burlap over a veggie bed to create shade when the summer sun is just too hot for crops like salad greens.
🌷If you’ve prepared a new garden bed but you’re not ready to plant it, you can use pieces of burlap cloth over top (weighed down with rocks) to prevent weed growth.

🌷Use burlap instead of pre-formed coir liners in your pots and planters and save some money. Hold it in place with binder clips.
🌷Disguise ugly pots and containers by wrapping them in burlap.
🌷Block drainage holes with scraps of burlap. This will allow excess water out, without leaking soil.
🌷Old pieces of burlap work great for dragging mounds of yard waste, like piles of fall leaves.
🌷Burlap can also be used instead of fabric for many garden decorations.

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Need more inspiration? Check out our board, DIY: Burlap Coffee Bags, on Pinterest! Be sure to also read our blog post, How to Craft with Burlap!
Have you used our burlap bags in your garden? Share your project with us on social media! Be sure to use the hashtag #WinansBurlap with your post!

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  1. how can i purchase burlap bags

    • Thank you for your interest! Burlap bags are available for purchase at most of our locations or you can order them from our office by emailing or calling 937-773-1981.



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