It’s All About the Wurtle

Pecan Wurtles

Milk and Dark Chocolate Pecan Wurtles

What’s a Wurtle? Wurtles are Winans’ version of the whimsically named chocolate turtle.
Chocolate turtles were created by Johnson’s Candy Company in 1918 when a salesman pointed out a candy to one of the candy dippers, who said that it looked like a turtle. Johnson’s Candy Company began selling these chocolate covered pecan and caramel treats as “turtles” shortly after. Today many candy companies offer their own version of the chocolate turtle, some are even made in turtle shaped chocolate molds!
At Winans we make our wurtles the old fashioned way, by hand, with soft and chewy caramel, delicious roasted nuts and smooth milk or dark chocolate. The caramel is cooked in our original copper kettles, then poured into a depositor which drops evenly spaced dollops of caramel onto wooden trays of roasted nuts. The caramel is allowed to settle before the final step: the chocolate enrober! Each morsel of caramel and nuts is sent down the enrober to be fully enveloped in Winans rich milk or dark chocolate. The result? A delicious combination of our buttery, chewy caramel nut patty covered in chocolate: a wurtle.
Cashew Wurtles

Milk and Dark Chocolate Cashew Wurtles

Chocolate covered pecans have been a popular chocolate convection since the early 1900s, which might explain why our milk chocolate pecan wurtles are our most popular wurtle! In addition to pecan, Winans wurtles are also made with almonds and cashews.
To discover your favorite wurtle, we recommend trying one of each of our six wurtles, just to be sure!:

Milk Chocolate Pecan

Dark Chocolate Pecan

Milk Chocolate Cashew

Dark Chocolate Cashew

Milk Chocolate Almond

Dark Chocolate Almond

Winans loves wurtles so much we even offer an espresso, frappuccino and hot chocolate version! The next time you’re at one of our locations, ask for a wurtle, to drink! Made with chocolate, caramel and praline pecan syrups, this sweet drink can be made as a latte with espresso, a cold blended drink with toddy or as a hot chocolate drink with steamed milk. Topped with whipped cream and a chocolate caramel drizzle – this decadent treat perfectly compliments its namesake!
New this year, Winans is roasting Wurtle flavored coffee beans! These beans, flavored with chocolate, caramel and pecan are an easy way to enjoy a wurtle every day in your morning cup of joe!
Come and see us soon: it’s all about the Wurtle at Winans!

Almond Wurtles

Milk and Dark Chocolate Almond Wurtles

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