5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Hands on Our New Mesocacao Chocolate Line!

#1 Bean to Bar
Traditionally chocolate manufacturers are unable to trace back the origin of the cacao to produce chocolate to send to companies to use for various reasons. These manufacturers are usually multinational corporations with little regard to the process of how cacao beans get to their buildings. Currently Winans buys from such a provider. However, with Mesocacao we are able to trace back the chocolate to the exact farm where it came from. The phrase “Bean to Bar” is a phrase that means the process of getting cacao beans to chocolate manufacturing locations to make dark and milk chocolate to send it out and have it used in the production of chocolate bars. With this chocolate we are not only making chocolate bars but have already experimented on our own specialty pieces such as peanut butter delights and sea salt caramels, they are available in the stores now!
#2 We Know the Farmers!
Joe Rieser, one of the co-owners of Winans has been part of the Mesocacao process. He has been to Central America, in Honduras and Nicaragua, to visit the farms and actually get in on the process of cutting, fermentation, drying and transforming cacao into chocolate. He got to know the farmers of the area and got a sense of their culture, to bring back into the chocolate and coffee business. Mesocacao is proud to call Joe Rieser one of their partners in helping Central America rebuild cacao production and boost the economy. The Mesocacao team creates direct trade relationships with small farmers ensuring they are properly compensated for planting and harvesting the highest quality product. The facility that was built to produce this chocolate only uses cacao and cane sugar, which is all from farms only a few hundred miles from the facility. Local, fresh and trustworthy, kind of like Winans!
#3 This Chocolate is Pure and You Can Taste It!Copy of 11110034
Because of the lack of pesticides, preservatives, added sweeteners and extra processing we can truly call this chocolate pure. The taste is phenomenal and it has a wonderful texture and consistency. The Honduran chocolate is full of fruit notes such as dates and cranberries which makes it delicious to pair with nuts or to just eat by itself! The Nicaraguan chocolate has a bit of a different flavor profile. The chocolate has more of a nutty taste has characteristics of a French roast. It pairs well with coffee and grains. Let’s face it; this chocolate is just flat out fantastic and the moment you taste it, we truly believe you will agree.  The chocolate also tastes better when you can feel good about it! You know where it came from and how it was made with integrity and passion for the industry, which is important nowadays.
#4 Our Pricing is Competitive
Mesocacao’s streamlined production allows Winans to buy from them at such a low cost compared to other single origin chocolate producers in Europe and North America. We buy at 30% to 50% less than what others do, making it cheaper for the customers as well. The cost savings come from the absence of pesticides, preservatives, added sweeteners and extra processing, which were mentioned previously.
#5 We, As a Company, are Excited to Offer You a Product Like This
It is rare that companies can offer their customers products that they can endorse with 100% honesty and support. (It helps that it is delicious!) Each employee will read up on Mesocacao and each employee will literally know the entire process of Mesocacao chocolate. That is rare for a company to be able to say about their products. At this time it would be difficult to convert all of our chocolate products to Mesocacao simply because they do not have the capacity yet. Mesocacao is still a growing entity in the industry and so is the region that the chocolate comes from. We hope that someday this will be possible. But for now, as a Winans customer, participating in the delicious partaking of Mesocacao chocolate will aid the growth in Central America and the growth of Winans!
You can find even more information by going to www.Mesocacao.com. There you will find pictures and even more background on the production of single-origin chocolate.

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