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Celebrated every October in the U.S., Sweetest Day is a holiday many believe to be made up by industries to boost sales before the upcoming holiday season. Couples from all over will be put under societies pressures to buy and out-perform others for their “sweetie”. We would like to tell you a different story…
It is a little-known fact that Sweetest Day was actually launched in Cleveland, OH. The holiday originated in 1922, in the midst of the docile times of The Great Depression. You may be surprised to find out that Sweetest Day is celebrated in very few regions of the United States, mainly the Great Lakes area. At Winans we also like to celebrate it by promoting the holiday and to encourage our customers to celebrate Sweetest Day traditionally and in the modern sense.
The origin and purpose of Sweetest Day are actually quite interesting. Herbert Birch Kingston is the man responsible for starting the holiday. Kingston was an employee of a candy company and philanthropist. It all began when he and several other candy confectioners took the effort to distribute 20,000 boxes of candy to newsboys, orphans, the elderly, shut-ins and other forgotten people of the local area. Kingston believed that people in that time needed something to make them feel a little sweeter, and who better to give to than the people who had nothing? The holiday did not become popular until these efforts were recognized elsewhere and the word spread.
Later, in the 1940’s, a similar occurrence of philanthropy occurred in New York and several charities and orphanages were donated thousands of boxes of candy. At this time the holiday was proclaimed to occur on the third Saturday of every October. Not until the 60’s did Hallmark begin making greeting cards for Sweetest Day, thus, voiding the term “Hallmark Holiday”.
Today, as previously mentioned, the holiday is celebrated in a romantic sense. It is viewed as another holiday for people to “woo” the one that they are after. However, we want to encourage you to celebrate Sweetest Day in its origin as well. We hope that this year you spread some happiness to the less fortunate or someone in your life that you know works really hard and never gets recognition for it! Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, the janitor at your school, a teacher, or any number of other people would certainly appreciate a small token of your care and appreciation. (It would not hurt to take a box of chocolate home to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend either!) As a chocolate company who donates to several charities over the course of the year, we would love to see our customers pay it forward as well.
Enjoy the holiday and spread the word about what the Sweetest Day of the year really entails. We hope to see you in our stores soon to find that perfect gift for someone special. Thanks for visiting us here on the blog!
This information was found from Sweetest Day Born in Ohio from the Mount Vernon News and Sweetest Day – National Holiday Founded in Cleveland By Sandy Mitchell

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