Winans is growing and you should have a front row seat!

Winans Chocolates and Coffees
Welcome! You have arrived at the Winans Chocolates and Coffee blog. Here, we want you to feel as welcome and delighted as you would in a visit to one of our stores! Whether you indulge yourself on occasion with products from Winans or you stop by several times in a week, we think that this blog will have a little something for everyone. Our goal is to keep the community up-to-date with things happening not only at Winans but in the industry as well. What a good way to start that! As we learn more and more about coffee and the production of chocolate we would love to share it with you. Updates about new products and upcoming holidays will be found here too. For example, we have a new chocolate line appearing in stores soon; keep your eyes and ears peeled! Not to mention, we will also be writing about some fun topics here and there.
Back to the introduction…. bottom line is that through this blog we want to share our passion with you while keeping you informed. We would like to enlighten you with information from the farmers and workers who care for and harvest our coffees all the way to brewing it in your home. We want you to be able to enjoy our products as much as possible. Winans believes in fresh products that not only taste great but product you can feel good about. Knowing it is coming from an honest, local business that is growing, thanks to the loyal customers we get to serve. Thanks for stopping by and keep watch for more posts!

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  1. Winans is my go to place when I need a special gift.

    • Thank you for thinking of us Melinda, we hope you get a little gift for yourself, too!


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