Winans Rewards Program

Rewards Program Participation and Criteria

To become a Member in the Winans Rewards Program, complete one of the following steps:

  1. Visit any Winans Chocolates and Coffees location and provide a ten-digit phone number.
  2. Text the keyword winanscandies to 87573.

Earning Rewards:
Members must provide a registered ten-digit phone number before providing payment in order to earn rewards.

  1. Members earn a one-time “bonus” when they enroll in the Rewards Program and opt-in to receive SMS messaging. This is a onetime reward that entitles the member to a free piece of candy from our candy case. Eligible candies are based on availability and are offered at the discretion of the store owner.
  2. Members earn 1 (one) complimentary Free Drink Reward that will be issued one week before the member’s birthday. To be eligible, the member must register their account using the AppCard mobile app and submit both their date of birth and a valid email address.
  3. Members earn 1 (one) “punch” for every qualifying drink purchase (defined below).
  4. Qualifying drink purchases include any drink purchased, except for the following items: iced water, any prepackaged or bottled beverage, kids cuppa whip, kids cuppa cocoa and milk purchased without additional flavoring or coffee added. Any purchases through the Winans online shop are also excluded.
  5. Punch balances will be displayed at the register after entering your phone information and in your account by downloading and viewing the “AppCard” mobile app.
  6. From time to time, participating locations may experience system unavailability and cannot process a Winans Rewards transaction. Members can contact our home office to request that the punches are entered manually into the members account. The home office can be contacted at (937)773-1981 or by email at

Redeeming Rewards:
Members must provide a registered ten-digit phone number before providing payment in order to redeem rewards.

  1. A reward will be issued for a free beverage (any size) for every 12 “punches” earned.
  2. Reward Terms: Limit one reward per customer per visit. Reward must be presented at time of order. No cash refunds. Consumer must pay applicable tax. Birthday Free Drink Rewards expire 3 weeks from the time they are issued.  Other Free beverage Rewards earned after July 1, 2018 expire 90 days after date of issuance.


  1. There is no membership fee associated with the Rewards Program. “Punches” accumulated under the Rewards Program have no cash value.
  2. Members may not sell, transfer or assign “punches”.
  3. Winans reserves the right to terminate a Members account and/or participation in the Rewards Program if it the member has violated the Privacy Policy, Online Terms of Use, or these Terms and Conditions; or if the use of your account is unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or in violation of any of those policies or terms.
  4. The Rewards Program will continue until such time as Winans, in its sole discretion, elects to terminate the Rewards Program. Winans has the right to terminate the Rewards Program at any time without providing electronic or written notice to you.
  5. Winans reserves the right to offer additional Rewards Program benefits to some members based on geographic location, Rewards participation or other criteria as determined by Winans. Some of our special promotional offers, benefits, and communications also may be based on the volume or type of purchases. Special offers are distributed by email, SMS or through the Mobile App, so you must opt-in to receive promotional and marketing emails from Winans Rewards and provide a valid email address in order to receive them via email. You may opt-out of receiving additional Rewards Program communications and still remain an active Rewards Program Member.