6 Benefits of Corporate Gifting

6 Benefits of Corporate Gifting

While the holiday season always promises to feel busy (and sometimes hectic or overwhelming!), there’s no denying the joy and excitement that comes from giving the perfect gift to friends and family.

This year, consider taking the opportunity to share the joy and excitement with work associates by gifting from your business. Here are six benefits of giving gifts to employees, customers, clients and customers... with tips on how to add even more magic to your gifts this season!

Attract Attention
One of the more obvious benefits of giving corporate gifts is to attract attention to your brand. Gifts to employees, clients, and even vendors can all help to promote your business. That is because gifts are meant to be shared‚ and people naturally want to share them with others!

Winans Tip: Personalize your gift to make it more memorable. Add a mug branded with your company logo that friends and co-workers will see all year long.

Boost Balance
Business employees and even clients or vendors work tirelessly each year to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Why not use this opportunity to tip the scales and bring some balance to the workplace by doing something for them instead?

Winans Tip: Allow your gift to honor the individual. Include a personalized card detailing the reason that the individual is important to your company or something they did that was key to your success this year.

Create Connections
Winans is all about forming personal connections — enjoying chocolates and coffees is a great way to build on our relationships after all! We understand that sometimes a gift cannot replace the bond that forms from actually hearing your voice.

Winans Tip: Connect with the individual by adding in some one-on-one time; contact the recipient to let them know that they gift is coming. This would be a great time to ask them how their company has been doing the past year or about any other specific events to help continue your connection with them.

Define Distinction
Everyone wants to send the best gift they can. You’ve worked hard to build your business into the best it can possibly be, so why not share that value in a gift? Focus on quality, community, or anything that you feel makes your business truly distinctive and share that!

Winans Tip: Find what makes your business unique and exemplify that with your gift. For example, if you are a strong member of your local community, then try gifting an item from another company that shares your values.

Evoke Excitement
It is easy to get distracted during the holiday season, and sometimes it can feel like we are out of control and not staying true to ourselves. If the season has you wishing for personal time as a way to honor the spirit of Christmas, then use that to your advantage. Off-season gifts can be even more special because of their unique timing.

Winans Tip: Time your gift to stand out from the crowd. Try scheduling your gift to arrive during the season of Thanksgiving or as a celebration for the New Year.

Festive Fulfillment
Sometimes, the best way to the heart is through the stomach! Visions of sugar plums, anyone? Christmas is often heralded by visions of our favorite foods and beverages. Try using that to your advantage and sending your favorite treats to employees, clients, and vendors this year.

Winans Tip: Gift recipients always love having a full belly. Choose Winans and send any of our delicious chocolates and coffees to gift your employees, clients and vendors this year.

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